Empire Brewing Co. makes limited can run of its Slo Mo' IPA

Mobile canning unit one day run produces 14,000 cans

CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - For the first time ever, Empire Brewing Company will be offering its beer in a can.

Only for one day, on Thursday, Empire brought in a mobile canning operation from Downstate to put its popular “Slo Mo’” IPA in 16oz. cans.

Tim Butler, Director of Brewing Operations for Empire, says, "Even though its “Slo Mo'”, which is one of our staples putting it in a can almost makes it a new product."

The recipe though is exactly the same as the “Slo Mo’” that goes into the bottles and for now, will be the only Empire brew going into cans.

It’s a big step forward for the company which only started its bottling operation a little more than a year ago.

"I know that any brewery of this size is going to need cans eventually and it's just a matter of when." Says Josh Schaffner, Chief Operating Officer for 9th Planet Beverage Solutions which brought in the canning unit for Empire to use.

Butler tells NewsChannel 9, “As you know ballparks, music venues, even people who own boats or have pools they don't want to carry glass around.  Glass is not allowed in a lot of places operating during the summer, so you open up your business options when you put your beer into a can."

The Lakeview Amphitheater will be one of those venues selling 16oz. cans of “Slo Mo’” IPA this concert season.

Empire has also created for Lakeview an exclusive house brew called “All Access Ale”.

At this point Empire says it’s content with a one day run of its beer.

"We want it to be a fresh product.  A canned product should be fresh you don't want it to sit around for too long so we're doing just a limited run, most of it was pre-sold and then we're going to give it a couple weeks, brew another batch and have him back and have a fresh run out into the market."  Butler says.

Empire will be watching sales of this run of about 14,000 cans closely to see if a permanent canning line should be in their future.


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