Fair Haven State Park to open this weekend for swimming

FAIR HAVEN (WSYR-TV) - Fair Haven State Park will open this weekend for swimming after months of flooding and rising water levels. 

The village has been hit hard by Lake Ontario flooding for much of spring. 

 "This is the first time in almost 20 years we've had this kind of problem," Larry Lemon, the owner of the Hardware Cafe in Fair Haven said.  "It's affecting everything." 

Lemon estimates that beach tourists make up about 75% of summer business. With the state park closed for swimming, many stores in the village have seen less traffic. 

"[The beach] represents all of the wealth of this village," Lemon said. 

For now, the beach will only be open for swimming during the weekend. The village's deputy mayor, Walter Krehling said that could change further into the season as water levels start to decrease. 

It will likely take several months before they return back to normal. 

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