Famous Grumman canoes building new legacy in Marathon

Marathon Boat Group also making boats two decades after employees buy company

MARATHON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - One of the world’s most renowned canoe makers is building a new legacy with its popular Grumman canoes.

Marathon Boat Group formed in 1996 when a group of employees bought the fledgling Outboard Marine Corp. which had purchased the business from Grumman in 1990.

It was only in 2003 when the company got the rights back to the familiar Grumman name to be used on its boats and canoes.

Owner Scott Morris tells NewsChannel 9, "Once we got the Grumman name back that was a big plus for us."

Then in 2008 the company decided to start making pontoon boats again after about a two decade absence.

Marathon Boat Group CEO John Jackson says, "We thought we should start it back up again and it's a great product and it’s still strong."

Marathon Boat employees about a dozen and a half people these days, down from its heyday when closer to 140 people were busy at the Southern Cortland County plant but they’re still busy and happy to be making marine products.

The company turns out about one or two pontoon boats per week, five or six regular boats a week and between ten and fifteen of the famous Grumman canoes each week.

Jackson says, "We look at our business plan and we look at where the markets are and how our products fit in.  We export now allover the world, we just got into Japan recently."

"What I've always said is this is a great company or I wouldn't have helped buy it." Morris adds.

The company also has to its credit a famous cameo in the 1972 thriller ‘Deliverance’ with Burt Reynolds.


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