Fayetteville deer control looks hopeful despite permit changes

FAYETTEVILLE (WSYR-TV) - Despite an uncertain future for Fayetteville's deer control program, the effort might be continuing.

Recently the Department of Environmental Conservation altered the permit requirements for the program making the village ineligible but calls by NewsChannel 9 to the DEC prompted the department to personally reach out to Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson. 

Changes included no loaded guns in cars and no shots fired within 500 feet of a home -- hard requirements for a program helping suburban communities.

Olson tells NewsChannel 9 within an hour of our story airing Wednesday he was contacted by the DEC and encouraged him to apply, adding that the conversation seems promising.

If the permit is given, it will be the third hunt for the village.

So far deer numbers are down 30 percent and neighbors believe the program is still needed to continue reducing the deer and tick problem. 

"I actually had a couple of ticks that had to be removed," said Hilda Pato.

"Till this day and for years every time I work in the garden, and I work there a lot, I have to lather down in Deet," added Catherine Chapman, another Fayetteville neighbor.

The goal is to bring the population down to eight deer per square mile.

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