Fayetteville venue cancels on couple months before wedding: Your Stories

FAYETTEVILLE (WSYR-TV) - Like most couples, Cassie Leduc and her fiance have had their wedding plans set for nearly a year.

They planned to tie the knot at Fayetteville's Craftsman Inn, but the hotel has now canceled on them twice. 

"It's like a punch to the gut," Leduc said. "I couldn't even imagine being this close to a wedding date and not being sure where we're going to have it."

Leduc set her wedding date for May, but the hotel said they would have to reschedule because of renovations.

They then moved it to June, but found out this week renovations would be delayed and the venue would not be able to accommodate her plans. 

Now, the couple will have to find a new venue just months before they wed. 

"We're terrified that we're not going to be able to [get married]," Leduc said. "We planned on getting married and starting a family. Now that the wedding is going to be changed and we don't know if we're going to have to push it back it pushes back everything else. There's a lot of uncertainty." 

Leduc said the Craftsman Inn will be refunding her deposit, although she doesn't know when. 

NewsChannel 9 reached out to the Inn several times via phone and they have not returned those calls. 

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