Flowers from across the world spread Valentine's Day love in CNY

Shipments are unpacked and prepped days in advance for timely blooms

DEWITT (WSYR-TV) - If you always wait until the last minute to grab a gift for Valentine's Day, you might have the local florist on speed dial.

The day before Valentine's Day and the day of are two of the busiest days of the year at flower shops.  Workers have been getting ready for last minute calls for weeks.

On a normal shift at Backyard Garden Florist, the crew may make 25 to 30 arrangements. On Valentine's Day, the list can spike to 100 orders.

Owner Nino Gagliano says most flowers arrived last week from places like South America and Africa or Holland and greenhouses in Canada.

"There is quite a bit of work involved for them to be unpacked, to condition, to hydrate them, to cool them again and...get them into the opening stage that people want to see them; in their perfect blooms," Gagliano says.

Flowers last longer with some basic care. Supply fresh water at least every other day and clip the stems before they are put back in the vase. Otherwise, stems dry out and struggle to absorb the water.

Also, be sure to carefully cover arrangements if they're taken outside. Exposure to freezing temperatures can shorten the life of flowers.

"If you care and follow the directions that are sent with each bouquet, your flowers will definitely last you a week or more on average," Gagliano says.

His team began filling orders Friday because about 15 percent of his clients like early deliveries to spread the love for a whole weekend.

The most popular pick is still red roses.

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