Former Post-Standard Columnist Sean Kirst releases new book

DEWITT (WSYR-TV) - It's been more than a year since columnist Sean Kirst left the Post Standard. For readers who miss his byline, they can know find his name on the cover of a new book.

Kirst was able to focus on the book once he left the 24-hour news cycle. 

Kirst said, "I used to go down to Post-Standard in my pajamas in the morning. It was my living room. There was no difference between me at home and me at work, and all of a sudden something changed in that. Here was this anxiety. There was this kind of tension. There were parameters that had not existed."

"The Soul of Central New York" hits bookshelves Wednesday.

The book is a collection of columns, but Kirst doesn't pick favorites.

"I wrote something like four or five thousand columns and I've written so many times about people at the most important, precious moments of their life. I would never say one moment like that is my favorite over another," Kirst said. 

Syracuse University Press worked hard to release the book before Christmas. It can be ordered online or purchased at the Barnes and Noble on Erie Boulevard in DeWitt.

Kirst will host a book signing at Barnes and Noble Thursday at 7:00 p.m. 

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