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Fulton man has digitized millions of pages of newspaper

Fulton, NY (WSYR-TV) - For hundreds of years it was the traditional newspaper, but now we're starting to see those papers fall by the wayside, in their place phones and all online content.

Tom Tryniski has more than 42 million pages and counting on his site FultonHistory.com.

"The oldest newspaper is 1750 or so...all the way up to current," said Tom Tryniski.

But the archives are not just there to read, he's digitized the papers so visitors can search the text.

"It's like a sandwich, you've got a text layer and then you've got an image layer laid on top of it," said Tom Tryniski, "people from all over the world will contact me and say I was on your site and I found this or I found that."

It can take about a month to digitize a year of newspaper, but Tom says each year puts it all into perspective. 

"Even in the early 1800s, there was always fighting and backdoor-ing, if you were to look at just today and say 'this is a mess' that's not true, it's always been that way," said Tryniski.

You can find Tom's archive at FultonHistory.com.

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