Gov. Cuomo considering changes to NY tax code

ALBANY (WSYR-TV) - In his 2018 State of the State Address, Governor Andrew Cuomo focused some of his policies on fighting the federal tax overhaul.

While Cuomo has been an outspoken advocate since the tax code was being debated, he released policies to combat the plan in his address Wednesday.

Specifically, Cuomo is worried about the $10,000 cap to State and Local Tax deductions, which he says attacks states like New York.

Cuomo has a three-point plan:

1. Challenge the tax plan's constitutionality in court.

2. Start a "repeal and replace" campaign, playing off President Donald Trump's approach to healthcare.

3. Consider dramatic changes to New York State's tax code, changing it from an income tax system to a payroll tax.

A payroll tax would be a tax based on wages instead of all streams of income.

Cuomo admits it's complicated, but the work will begin to consider changes. A local accountant tells NewsChannel 9 it's not clear if an income tax to payroll tax will be an obvious fix to the federal tax changes.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, the only Republican who's announced he's challenging Governor Cuomo in the 2018 election, says New York's tax problems should not be blamed on the federal government, since they've existed long before President Trump.

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