Halloween night one of the busiest for Upstate NY Poison Center

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Streets, neighborhoods, and malls are often packed on Halloween, but you might be surprised to learn that the Poison Center is also busy. 

A Poison Center expert- and a mom- Michele Caliva knows what October 31st can mean for families. 

"My children will tell you that I ruined Halloween because I was so careful about making sure that their goodies were safe and okay," Caliva said.

She's seen the Upstate New York Poison Center on Halloween night, which is one of the busiest nights every year. 

"Halloween makes you think of scary stuff. People are out in the community, walking around, worried about encountering all kinds of potentially problematic situations," Caliva explained. "In reality, our Halloween evening, we do get a lot of phone calls."

Candy is often a subject of those calls. Caliva warns that there are dangerous drugs that can be slipped into loads of candy, and be tricky to spot. 

"Unfortunately, there are drugs that are made to look like candy. They can look like SweetTarts. There's regular medication- pills- that are produced by pharmaceutical companies that look like candy. Kids can get candy and pills confused all the time," she added. 

When your kids get home from trick or treating that's when you should start looking through the bag or pillow case, whatever they carry their candy in. The most important thing is that each piece of candy is in proper packaging. 

The danger isn't just contained to candy. Caliva says glow sticks are responsible for a large number of calls on Halloween.

Kids carry the light-up toys and sometimes end up biting them. The liquid inside can irritate the mouth and skin, causing parents to call the Poison Center. Caliva says, luckily, the liquid inside glow sticks is not poisonous, just mildly uncomfortable for a short time. 

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