Handmade decorations stolen from East Syracuse house, owner wants answers

An East Syracuse family is feeling tricked after their handmade Halloween decorations vanished from their front yard. 

Every year Arron Allen puts out a homemade display for Halloween -- but this year, she's missing about half of her decorations. 

"It's my favorite holiday and I just like it. I like to have a nice display for everybody to enjoy so it was really heartbreaking for me to lose half of my stuff because I just spend so much time," she said. 

Thieves, though, spent barely any time stealing a coffin and tombstone from the front yard. Allen says it happened in a matter of minutes just after 7:00 Saturday night. 

"I came out because the lights weren't out in the yard anymore and half of this [display] was gone," she added. 

The mom of three filed a police report, hoping to find the thieves, but with the time, energy, and effort she spent on the decorations, Allen said she really just wants them back. 

Allen feels like she learned a lesson the hard way, but it won't happen again. They've since installed a camera on the house and keep a light on outside. 

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