How a Facebook post helped reconnect a woman with her mother's wedding dress

THROOP (WSYR-TV) - In the attic of a 19th century Throop home, new owner Jeff Hopkins recently found a treasure. 

"I got to the last corner I was going through and I found a box," Hopkins said. "The box said 'Linda's Wedding Dress' on it. I was like, 'What are the odds there is an actual wedding dress in there?"

Turns out, there was a dress inside. And in perfect condition.

Hopkins didn't know who it belonged to, so he brought it to the town hall where clerk Kathy Malenick started to do some sleuthing, but the previous owners moved out years ago and she no longer had their contact information. 

So she posted a picture on Facebook along with the name on the box. The post was shared about a dozen times. Within two hours, Linda's daughter, Kim Peck, from Rochester replied.

"I actually got goose bumps because she showed a picture of the mom in the dress," Malenick said. "When I saw that, I went 'Oh, my god!" 

On Saturday, Peck drove from Rochester to pick up the dress waiting for her in the town hall. 

"It's surreal," Peck said. "All of this is just incredible." 

The dress carries extra meaning since Peck's mom died two years ago. The dress is one of her only belongings still left. 

While it could have been coincidence that brought the dress back to Kim, she thinks something bigger was involved: kindness.

And found in the corner of an attic, that may have been the real treasure all along.


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