How ridesharing for Lakeview Amphitheater concerts works: Your Stories

GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Ride-sharing services are now in full swing in Central New York, and so are summer concerts.

With traffic backups and busy lots that come with an Amphitheater show, it’s not uncommon for concert-goers to use shuttle services. Now they also have Uber and Lyft to choose from.

Your driver can drop you off or pick you up in the Orange Lot at the designated spot near the main gate, not far from the bus stop.

This is the same spot that parents dropping off young kids and taxi drivers will go.

The Orange Lot will only be used for the Third Eye Blind concert on Friday, but in the future, Orange, Pink and Brown lots will be used, with designated spots in the Orange and Pink lots.

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