How the Carrier Dome landed the Paul McCartney concert

Top Dome staff working for over a year to finalize McCartney show

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Tickets for the September Paul McCartney concert at the Carrier Dome go on sale to the general public Monday.

The iconic venue is one of just 14 stops on McCartney’s One on One tour in the United States this year.

Landing such a legendary performer to play The Dome all started officially more than a year ago.

McCartney’s concert promoter AEG, like other big promoters, has regular discussions with The Dome about various acts, but this time they had a big event in mind.

Carrier Dome Managing Director Pete Sala says, "We're interested in a show, I never know who the act is going to be, what's your availability?  Send us some availabilities for September 2017."

Not easy when a major college football team is one of your building's main tenants, but SU plays at LSU on September 23.  It was starting to match up with AEG’s tour schedule for the still unnamed act.

“There were a lot of thing going down in New York City that were affecting our show whether these venues were available or not, and they also had other asks as did I have another ask for this date."  Sala tells NewsChannel 9.  "Once I was finally told who the artist was, which was awhile ago, it's gotta be hush, hush.  One of the things about Paul's camp is no leaks."

So Sala and three other close members of his staff started to carry a secret they would keep for several months.

"Back of my mind I'm thinking I've got to keep this quiet.  I've got to get this show; I've got to get this show."  Sala says.

Recent shows in The Carrier Dome like Luke Bryan, which sold out in barely an hour, and the last Billy Joel sellout really helped locked down this show.

But Sala says it was not a done deal yet, "Then the phone calls start happening weekly, daily, emails everyday to the promoter hey this is what we'll do."

Another selling point was a venue like The Dome on a college campus.

He says, "So it’s very attractive to the Paul McCartney camp, very attractive that the students are going to be here when we go on sale and have the show.  This was a venue that Paul had talked about, said he wanted to play in Syracuse.  The fact he'd never played here made it very attractive as well."

But it was only five days before the big press conference that the deal was officially done and the secret could be revealed, which it was Tuesday.

“It felt like a million pounds came off of my shoulders because then I knew the show was done, there's no turning back, we're going to have the show."  Sala tells NewsChannel 9.

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