Katko's Office: Protester was 'professional agitator that clearly crossed the line'

DEWITT (WSYR-TV) - When Congressman John Katko left an event Wednesday at the DeWitt Animal Hospital, a group of about 12 protesters were waiting for him outside.

After a quick, polite greeting, the Congressman got into his car without answering their questions.

One protester, Jonah Minkoff-Zern, followed Katko to his car, and wedged himself between the open door and Katko, so the door couldn't be closed.

Minkoff-Zern demanded answers from Katko, saying, "Why are you voting no? Seven times since March 3. You made a public commitment to reveal Trump's taxes. You voted no."

Katko's office tells NewsChannel 9 those "no" votes were procedural votes, not substantive legislation.

After several minutes of not being able to leave, Katko and his staff drove away without answering the question.

It's just one of many topics in the protestors wanted to discuss with Katko, from taxes to healthcare.

Erin O'Connor, a spokesperson for Congressman Katko, said:

"Today, Rep. Katko hosted an event highlighting bipartisan legislation he has introduced in Congress.  Following the event, there was an incident with a professional agitator that clearly crossed the line and will be dealt with accordingly. This will not deter Rep. Katko from continuing to regularly engage with his constituents."

While Minkoff-Zern is paid by a national political group, Public Citizen, he says he was representing himself, acting as a constituent. 

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