Learn more about the food you consume everyday at Empire Farm Days

WSYR-TV - Thousands of farmers from around Central New York will gather in Seneca Falls this week for Empire Farm Days.

The Empire Farm Days are the ultimate agriculture pop-up shop-- it’s a chance for farmers to take a break from long days in the field and catch up with manufacturers representatives, agricultural educators, and other farmers to compare notes and size up what's new to support their farms.

“We feel as though, if you eat, you should in interested in where your food comes from, and this is an incredible opportunity to see what it takes to grow your food,” said Melanie Wickham, the show manager.

New this year is a demonstration of spray applicators. Farmers will get a chance to test-drive tractors loaded with GPS technology that will help guide the tractor's patch through the field. 

“It also allows you to not overspray, so where you've been, it knows where you've been based on the GPS signal and enables you to turn off where you've already been, so you're not doing that twice. Saving time, saving nutrients and product wo we're being more efficient,” said Rob Farnham, a John Deer District Representative.

the new technology helps farmers work more efficiently, which helps them keep prices down for you at the market, while still providing a livable income for the families that grow them.

They expect 60,000 people during the three-day stretch, farmers from around the northeast and, they hope, even some city folk.

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