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Liverpool company in 40th year ships to clients worldwide

XTO has diverse customer list including military, sporting goods, manufacturing

LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - You'd probably never notice their work, but a Liverpool company has close to a 1,000 customers worldwide who know all about their products.

XTO is now in year 40 making various types of gaskets that do everything from help make helmets safer, rail cars quieter and keep our military safer.

The company has two plants in Liverpool making millions of gaskets in all shapes and size every year.

They might do a single part for one company and several hundred styles of gaskets for another business.

XTO President Rick Sill says, "There's really gaskets and seals in everything from a blender to an automobile to a rail car to defense equipment just about every physical product you see typically has something in there that we can make."

Some products you'll never see, like the many precision military orders they complete each year. 

No matter who the customer is or what kind of gasket they're ordering XTO is all about delivering on time, fairly priced, quality products.

XTO Vice President Keith Hughes says,  "There was a set of gaskets we did over 350,000 pieces and never heard of a reject once."

15% of all the products made by XTO are exported.

"To me it's pretty neat to see where our products are in the world and of course I'm always pointing it out to my friends and family that we have parts on certain devices that they may or may it know."  XTO Vice President Keith Krieger tells NewsChannel 9.

Despite moving manufacturing out of Central New York years ago Carrier engineers, who are still based in DeWitt, do a good deal of work with XTO.

One project in particular involves sound deadening foam XTO makes for the refrigeration units Carrier builds to go on tractor trailers.

The XTO material keeps the systems quiet for the driver sitting right in front of them.

Sill says, "It is kind of unique, again this was designed with engineering in Syracuse, Carrier engineering still over there.  They came through and we worked it out together."

Hughes adds, "We are starting our 40th year and I think that in itself is an accomplishment in today's business world especially from the small business standpoint."

"I don't think there's a better workforce than you're going to find in Central New York."  Sill says.

Business grew about 10% for XTO in 2017 and they expect continued strong sales and plan to add 5 to 10 people in the next year.

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