Local Beatles fan pays tribute to the Fab Four with traveling one-man show

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - When Sir Paul McCartney finally steps onto the Dome stage in September, Bob Halligan Jr. will be studying  every move he makes.

He plays McCartney in a one-man traveling show, the result of a lifelong love of the Beatles that inspired him to become a musician.

"I started to write songs when I was 15, which was four years after seeing the Beatles February 9, 1964 on the Ed Sullivan show," Halligan recalls. "It lit a fire that will never go out."

Halligan found a way to get paid for the passion that makes him feel like a perpetual teenager.

First, he began touring around the country with Beatlemania. Then, he developed the one-man show PaulTheBeatle, putting himself in the lead role after years of studying McCartney's Liverpool accent and mannerisms.

Halligan says he also teaches a Beatles course at Syracuse University, a job that fuels the fandom.

"I have 70 students," he says. "We meet on Mondays and we look at video and we talk all things John, Paul, George and Ringo...the business side, the technical side, of course the musical side and the cultural side...the effect they had."

He also credits McCartney's influence with his own success as a songwriter, working with the likes of Cher, Kiss and Judas Priest. Gold records hang neatly on the basement wall of Halligan's home, in his personal music studio.

He focuses on the melody, like his idol...who possesses a powerful combination of showmanship and simple raw talent.

"Paul is the most successful singer/songwriter because the songs are the best. And that's what it is," Halligan declares.

The perpetual teenager is still dreaming. With McCartney set to perform at the very campus where a Beatles course is taught, the instructor would sure like to meet him.

"I've put out an APB at the highest possible levels seeking an audience and so we'll see," he adds. "I'm working it hard."

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