Local cake artist shares her cake designs with the world

Kaleigh Ligoci posts her designs on Instagram

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) - You know the saying 'you can't have your cake and eat it too,' but for one Central New York baker, she can-- and she is now sharing her creations with the world.

"I can't paint, I can't draw, but with this for some reason, I can take what's in my head and put it on a cake. People ask me to draw sketches and that doesn't go over very well," said Kaleigh Ligoci.

At just 4' 8", Kaleigh shares her intricate cakes on Instagram as "thelittlecakeartist."

"Some people come and they say 'I want this cake,' they found a picture and they love it, but other times, they'll be like 'okay, I've seen your work, you create beautiful things, make something you'd like,'" said Ligoci.

Ligoci started the account four years ago as a way to just share ideas and designs, but it has turned into a more than 40,000-person following across the globe, on at least 4 continents.

"I was going to Instagrams looking at other people's work and [said] 'oh I want to create this! Oh this is beautiful and I aspire to be them' and now it's the other way around," said Ligoci, "I've had so many people contact me, 'what tip do you use? how do you do that? what do you make that with?' and I respond. I want to help them learn, I love helping people learn."

If you would like to follow Kaleigh on Instagram, her account is named thelittlecakeartist." She works out of Sugar & Co. in Syracuse.


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