Local researchers studying CNY transportation trends

Study looking at possible alternatives to one person car trips

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Getting around may start to take on a different look in the Syracuse area in the next few years if a group of researchers have any say about it.

The study team includes faculty and students from the Syracuse University School of Architecture and faculty and staff from the Syracuse Center of Excellence.

”Feasibility Assessment of Sustainable Transportation (FAST): Syracuse” is a yearlong study of alternatives to single-occupancy automobiles for mobility within the City of Syracuse.

"We would like to rule in as much as we can in terms of alternative means to you driving alone, if its just you even carpooling with one more person that's one more car off the road, which makes a huge difference."  Tarek Rakha, a Faculty Research Fellow at the Syracuse Center of Excellence says.

Rakha and his team have a survey live right now to explore current methods of travel and interest in other means.

It includes everything from Uber, which would need a path for legislative approval, to bike and car sharing.

"At the moment what we're looking at is sharing assets beyond Uber.  For example electric bikes, e-bikes for example can become something that can help you challenging the hills that are happening in Syracuse."  Rakha says.

He also notes the great number of assets already in place in this community to help towards the goals of alternative means of transportation.

Rakha cites the Connective Corridor and the Centro Transportation Hub in Downtown Syracuse as just a few.

“Our goal in this study is to get the car out of your life and have as many options as you can to change our lifestyle to something that is more sustainable."  Rakha tells NewsChannel 9

The short term goal is to see some alternatives in the next one to five years with longer term options within a decade.

Click here if you’d like to take the survey.

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