Local women bond over similar losses of limb

WSYR-TV - If you sit down with Pat Allen, Joan Waterbury and Karen Gilmore, you would think that they’ve known each other for years, but the trio met at Jarmel Physical Therapy— and all three are above-the-knee amputees.

Allen's journey began two years ago after an accident in Rhode Island.

“I was standing and looking into the window of a store that had a sidewalk sale and before I knew it, I heard people yelling and I could hear a car coming up through a parking lot and the woman who was driving hit the gas instead of the break,” Allen said.

She was pushed through a glass door and it caused so much damage she had to have an amputation.

For Gilmore, she has been living as an amputee for over 10 years after she got an infection in her life.

Waterbury went in for a bypass about a year ago, but doctors had to amputate after complications.

Their journey to recovery was filled with challenges, but with time and support from their therapist Susan Jarmel, small steps led to big victories.

What many perceive as a loss is actually a bigger gain for these three women.

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