Manlius company makes candles for restaurants across the globe

Hollowick making candles for 45 years

MANLIUS (WSYR-TV) - For 45 years, Hollowick in Manlius has been making candles now used on restaurant tables and in hotels across the world.

The company has come a long since its start in a remodeled lumber yard.

Co-Founder Gerald and Beverly Menter saw a need for table lighting in restaurants.

Son Jerry Menter, now owner of the company, tells NewsChannel 9, "In the beginning, it was making lamps and we'd package fuel in big bulk containers that restaurants would use to fill the lamps themselves."

Jerry’s brother, Jeff Menter, the Accounts Payable Manager for Hollowick, says, "(The) first catalog if you will was a single page, maybe 8 or 10 lamps on it, and we've grown to I believe the last catalog we just made is 98 pages."

Hollowick can now offer as many as 700 variations on its liquid candles in all shapes and sizes.

They don't sell private citizens but to supply companies that in turn get them in restaurants and hotels.

Jeff and Jerry’s sister Shirley Menter-Busse is the Promotional Coordinator for Hollowick.

She says, "Everybody is very happy with Hollowick because we really do treat others like we want to be treated.  We're very fair to work with and our company takes great pride in the products we offer."

The original handmade style is done, replaced by a high volume production business.

Highly automated machines, often times designed and built by Hollowick themselves, crank out millions of bottles.

While the company works mostly in volume, it still leaves room for handcrafted work allowing them to create spectacular detail, taking their candles to another level.

Menter-Busse, says, "That part of it is very fun.  We have a lot of unique fun designs."

"Friends and acquaintances come back from Europe or Japan or some place, with a story guess what I saw, this lamp that was made in Manlius." Jerry Menter says.

While the company is one of a handful in the world competing in this area Hollowick says it stays true to its founders’ motto ‘Treat people the way you want to be treated’.”

"In 45 years we have never, ever laid anybody off for lack of work, because of machines, its never happened in 45 years." Jeff Menter says.

Hollowick currently employs about 50 people, many with decades at the company.

Owner Jerry Menter says he plans to continue growing the company and broadening its product line.

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