Manlius Veterinarian worries about pharmacists filling animal prescriptions

Manlius, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A Manlius veterinarian is worried that animals and their owners may be at risk.

Treating animals is what Dr. Jennifer Goetz studied, for years, to do. Now, she's worried about your pets' well-being because she -- and other veterinarians -- may not be the ones filling their prescriptions. 

"Until recently it hasn't been a large issue, but since these pharmacies are now dispensing veterinarian drugs, drugs that no human ever needs take, pharmacists are out of the loop," Goetz said.

She has a pharmacy on hand at her veterinary hospital in Manlius but she said -- by law -- if a client requests a prescription to take to their "human pharmacy" she has to write one.

Her main concern is that while she's trained in administering these drugs to animals, pharmacists may not be.

"The issue is the lack of knowledge on the pharmacy side," she added. "My concern is my patients aren't safe, their owners aren't safe, and helping my patients is out of my hands."

Recently, Goetz has had scares with a local pharmacy not giving clients the right dosage of medicine for their pet. She wouldn't say which pharmacy but did say that something needs to change, across the board. 

"I think minimally, if a pharmacy is going to dispense veterinarian drugs there needs to be some time of compulsory continuing education in order to renew your pharmacy license. I think that pharmacy needs to keep a log, they may need a veterinary oversight," Dr. Goetz explained.

Until then, she remains concerned for the health of her patients, and their owners. She recommends always filling your pets prescription at the veterinarian's office but if you have to take the prescription to your pharmacy, talk to your veterinarian first to hear side effects and possible risks. 

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