Marcellus family describes scare with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

What to know about Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

MARCELLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Several days ago, Vanessa Millett of Marcellus started noticing her six year old twins had sores in their mouth that wouldn't go away.

"They're like, 'I have one over here and I also have one over here now.' That’s when I knew they definitely didn't just bite their cheek, there's something that's spreading in their mouth," said Millet.

She called the doctor who knew exactly what it was.

"He says, yes, that is 'Hand, Foot and Mouth'. I'm thinking what is 'Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease', I've never heard of this. I didn't know what it was, what it does, where it came from," said Millet.

Doctors say it comes with a sore throat, rashes on the hands and feet and it's signature symptom is mouth ulcers.

According to Dr. LouAnne Giangreco with FiveStar Urgent Care, the contagious virus can be spread by saliva, which is why the virus then shortly spread to Millet’s third son.

In order to help her three boys and find more information about the disease, Millet reached out to a community Facebook page.

About a dozen families who experienced the same type of disease provided Millet with different remedies to try. One remedy that was suggested to her to help with the mouth pain was to mix benadryl and maalox for a mouthwash to coat the sores.

While the disease is more frequent in the spring or fall, it can occur during the wintertime.

Giangreco said diagnosing it becomes a bit more complicated during the winter season because people are developing more sore throats which could be associated with other viruses.

"They can't eat, or don’t want to eat because anything that is remotely hard causes them pain,” said Millet.

To help them feel better, Dr. Giangreco said Tylenol, Ibuprofen and staying hydrated are key.

"It's not a horrible awful disease, but you don't want to see your kids be in pain," Millet said.

For the best course of treatment for your child, visit your family's pediatrician.

For more information on the disease, click here

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