Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers unveils 2 digital kiosks as a new way to solve crimes

ROME, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers has a new tool to solve crimes and track down suspects.

They unveiled two new digital kiosks which will show information about fugitives, unsolved crimes, and other information police want to get out to the public.

The kiosks will be put in strategic locations like malls and waiting areas where more people can see what's on them.

Police say they've seen a lot of suspects turn themselves in—just to get their pictures off the kiosks.

“The success is not just prevention but its helping to solve cases and its encouraging people to turn themselves in and resolve their issues,” said executive director of Crime Stoppers, Jim Glorioso.

Law enforcement organizations like Rome Police can remotely upload information to the kiosks.

They are also portable and can be moved easily where there are events with a lot of people.

For more information on the Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers, click here.

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