Multiple car break-ins reported at gym parking lots throughout Onondaga County

WSYR-TV - In a span of 24 hours, thieves hit up gym parking lots in Onondaga County, smashing windows and taking items from the vehicles.

The thieves took anything they could find from cash, IDs, credit cards, a laptop and an iPhone.

At least half a dozen cars were broken into, in the suburbs and city alike.

“The vehicles were literally right in front of the entrance, it wasn't that they were around the corner, they weren't hidden off into the shadows, they were right in front,” said Ted Stojkovski, whose car was broken into at the Western Lights Core Fitness.

Detectives say these smash and grabs in gym lots have all the tell tale signs of the Felony Lane Gang— an organized gang that targets purses and wallets in cars to steal credit cards and cash. They’ve been in the area before. The Felony Lane Gang is active in more than half of the states in the country.

The break-ins were reported in DeWitt, Syracuse, Geddes and surrounding areas.

According to Sgt. Rick Helterline with the Syracuse Police, there were reports of two cars that were broken into in the city of Syracuse between 5:45 a.m. and 7 a.m. Both incidents happened in the 100 block of Headson Drive.

In both of these cases, purses were stolen out of the cars.

Some of the contents of the purses were located in the Village of East Syracuse in a dumpster after police tracked the iPhone of one of the victims to the location, Helterline said.

The stolen credit cards, IDs, cash and a laptop have not been returned to the victims.

Both Core Cross Fit in Western Lights and Method 360 gyms have posted on their Facebook and Instagram, warning members about the break-ins and ask them to report anything suspicious.

Police are reminding people to not leave any valuables in their car.

If you have any information on the incident, contact police at:

  • DeWitt Police:
  • Syracuse Police: 315-443-52222
  • Geddes Police:  315-468-3283

DeWitt Police recommend that if you have to hide your valuables in your car, do it at your home and put it in the trunk. Police believe that the thieves were staking out the parking lot. 



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