New area code may cause temporary glitch in some security systems

Old Time Warner Cable Legacy security systems need reprogramming

OSWEGO (WSYR-TV) - A consumer alert tonight for some families with older Time Warner Cable security systems.

The launch of a new area code in Central New York may expose a flaw that leaves property temporarily unprotected.

"It's what they call a Legacy system. It's one of the original ones put in. It's all a hard-wired system," explains customer Charles Rinoldo.

He recently discovered the problem, by chance. Movement is detected throughout his home. But Rinoldo noticed trouble one day when his wife accidentally set off the alarm.

"I asked her if she'd pick up the phone and be ready because we expected the call center," he recalls.

But, the call never came. Instead, a notice on the phone said to check the line...and service was suddenly spotty. The dial tone disappeared.

Rinoldo says he was eventually told that his old hardwired system wasn't set up to include an area code. So, when the alarm triggered a call to the security center, it didn't connect properly.

"I felt that they should alert people and the comment was 'well that would be a lot of people to notify,'" Rinoldo said.

He says there was no interruption in his bill and Rinoldo doesn't recall getting a warning call from Charter Communications, formerly Time Warner Cable.

The issue was fixed immediately when he called them. Now, he's warning others to double-check their security systems, before it's too late.

"After they reprogrammed the system to dial out using the 315 area code, everything was fine," he adds. "I was concerned that there are probably several people out there in the same situation that we were, thinking that their alarm system was up and working."

A spokeswoman from Charter Communications says a small number of Central New Yorkers have the old Legacy security systems, which require reprogramming for 10-digit dialing. She would not supply the exact number of people affected.

The company representative says customers were notified and that the vast majority of affected systems were reprogrammed before the new area code took effect.

Anyone who wants to check their system to make sure it's working can call 1-800-547-3229.

The issue is limited to Legacy customers in the 315 area code with systems hardwired to their wireline phones. Customers with the IntelligentHome security system are not affected, according to the company.

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