New inland port expected to bring hundreds of jobs to CNY

Jamesville port would take container boxes from Port of NY/NJ

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - Central New York is on the verge of a huge economic boom from the creation of an inland port planned for Jamesville.

The project would call for 300 to 400 new jobs for the port facility and close to 1,600 for the full warehouse build out over the next few years.

Terry Hammill, Board Chair at the Port Of Oswego, says, "It is taking the world by storm.  Everything is going by container; everybody is shipping stuff in and out by container."

It’s jamming up the Port of New York/New Jersey right now and it’s only expected to get worse.

Even larger ships are on the way carrying even more containers per trip once the Panama Canal expansion project is finished next year.

Zelko Kirincich, Executive Director at the Port Of Oswego and brainchild of the inland port, tells NewsChannel 9, "Frankly the Port of New York, New Jersey has limited real estate space so they want to something to happen.  They want cargo to leave the area thus opening up opportunities for other ships."

Just this week Kirincich was at the downstate port drumming up business and he says there's no shortage of it.

“So we are talking to shippers, we are talking to railroad companies down here, we're talking about timelines, we're talking about cargo that can move to Central New York." he says.

Rob Simpson, President of CenterState CEO, says "Companies both manufacturing, distributors, people in the agriculture sector who are looking already at building facilities adjacent to the container yard.  This is something where there seems to be a pent up private sector demand."

They won’t release the exact location of the inland port but say it’s strategically located.

Simpson says, “The site is going to be within 10 miles of 54% of all the unemployed individuals in CNY, its going to be within a mile and a half of the Southside of Syracuse."

Kirincich adds, "Our jobs are a little more blue collar type of job.  Our jobs are more equipment jobs. I think our jobs will appeal to a wider audience."

Another benefit of the inland port, all these containers coming up here will still have value once they’re empty.

Businesses in this region can use them to ship all of their goods and products back down to the Port of NY/NJ and then on to the rest of the world much cheaper and more efficiently.

"Not only does it reduce emissions but the cost is significantly cheaper and that's going to make Central New York agriculture producers and manufacturers a lot more competitive in the global market, which itself is going to create indirect jobs throughout the economy." Simpson says.

The goal is to have the port up and running by Fall 2016.

$40 million has already been committed for the project by the State in this year’s budget.

It is also part of Central New York’s proposal for the $500 million Upstate Revitalization Initiative launched by the Governor earlier this year.

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