New mother's heart stops three times after giving birth to twins

An ECMO machine saved her life

Binghamton (WSYR-TV) - A Binghamton mother of twins is sharing her miraculous story of survival after a machine at Crouse Hospital helped saved her life.

Last year, Tricia Steed and her husband found out they were expecting twins.

Her water ruptured when her twins were just 23 weeks.  On Nov. 30, she started having contractions.  Doctors gave her pain medication and that was about all she would remember for that night.

"Thank God my husband was there because he heard me breathing funny, turned on the light and he said it was like I was having a seizure, I had this thousand yard stare," said Steed.

Steed had an emergency C-section and her heart stopped-- three times.

"So they got my heart back and transferred me to the heart stopped again in the ICU and from what I was told once more in the OR when they were putting me on the ECMO," Steed remembered.

And therein lies the irony: the woman who saves lives as a cardiac nurse, needed someone to save hers.  She believes it was five to seven days later when she woke up.

Dr. David Landsberg made a quick decision that the ECMO machine was necessary after discovering a clot was stuck in Steed's lung.

The ECMO machine was temporary life support.

Meanwhile her twins Alva and Della had to get some support of their their own.

"They were both on a ventilator when they were first born.  Della, she was on and off a special machine. It was an emotional time seeing your babies laying there and I couldn't do anything," said Steed.

But as the days and weeks pass, they each get stronger.

"Someone lined up the sun moon and stars to have me here to be their mother....I'm very thankful," said Steed.

Steed and her family are very thankful for the support from people across the country.  If you'd like to help their family, click here.

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