New York State Fair animal competitions help students pay for college

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - We're all aware of the animal competitions happening every day at the New York State Fair, but what you may not realize is there's a lot more up for grabs than just blue ribbons. 

Young farmers use it as an opportunity to get a leg up on their career.

Megan Andersen, a beef farmer, will begin graduate school this fall debt free -- all thanks to her cash cows paying for undergrad which was priced at approximately $20,000 a semester.

"That definitely helped me go on to get my masters because I didn't have any debt behind me," said Andersen.

The major bulk of the money comes from scholarships which Anderson was able to get thanks to the experience she earned raising livestock, in addition to money she makes selling her animals.

The better their animals place, the more money a farmer can make off of selling them.

"This is really business management and entrepreneurship at a grassroots level," explained John Kriese, President of the New York Beef Producer's Association. Kriese used the same method to pay for his undergrad and masters.

"It's all about marketing," added Kriese. 

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