North Syracuse district warns drivers of buses back on the roads

NORTH SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The first day of school means buses are back on the roads and drivers need to be cautious.

North Syracuse Transportation Director Matthew Conti did last minute checks of the districts buses before they head out the door for the highly anticipated first day of school.

"We want to make sure we have everybody, we're going to take our time, so just a little patience there but everybody is going to get home safe," said Conti.

Safety being the number one lesson for bus drivers like Brittany Links who are put to the test while they're out on the roads. "Drivers being in such a hurry and not being considerate of the children we're about to board, running our yellow lights," issues Links said she sees all the time.

Often, because drivers are not paying attention. "Unfortunately, we do see people texting and driving, talking on the phone, going through our reds, dangerous driving. It's just lack of awareness," Conti added.

Both Conti and Links are asking people out on the road the same thing they ask every year- slow down and be aware- because there is more at stake than a bad grade.

"It's like a regular traffic light. People run that yellow light trying to get through before it becomes a red light. Well, that could be a kid," cautioned Links.

That's why she says just as important as drivers knowing to stop when the bus lights are red, is teaching students to be extra careful.

"You try to train your students how to get on and off the bus because of dangers outside the bus," explained Links. " You want to tell that child as they're getting off the bus- hold the hand rail, check where you step, look left look right. You explain to them why you're doing this."

Those lessons don't have to stop when the kids step off the bus. School districts are asking parents to make sure their kids are listening to their bus driver, and being careful.

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