One house dangerously close to falling into Lake Ontario

HAMLIN, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Residents along Lake Ontario are still struggling with flooding and receding shorelines.

Many areas along the lake are in a state of emergency as water levels continue to rise.

One family in Hamlin, Monroe County, is worried that a part or all of their home may actually fall off its high elevation and into the lake.

WROC-TV talked to Rick Davis, whose backyard is being eroded day by day with all the flooding.

The Davis home has already had their lakeside deck swallowed up by the rising water levels. Rick says he lost about eight to 10 feet of the shoreline in just a week.

Their home is elevated, but you can look straight down from their back deck and see the crashing waves of the lake— the elevated land which they live on has been eroded by heavy winds and crashing waves.

What was once their backyard is now a steep drop down to the lake, blocked only by a tarp and their back deck.

Davis says the damage caused in the last two weeks will be permanent.

“I don’t know how we’re going to go about fixing this,” he said.

WROC-TV was at the Davis home earlier on Sunday, showing the devastation on Facebook live.

See the damage below:

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