One of the most successful Salmon fishing seasons in recent years nears end

PULASKI (WSYR-TV) - Salmon fishing season is nearing its end in Oswego County. On Thursday, just a few hundred people were along the banks of the Salmon River. 

This fall has been one of the most successful in recent years, according to David Falato of Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop in Pulaski. 

"It's an internet driven business," Falato said. "So everyone gets on the internet bragging how good fishing is."

People have been coming from as far at North Carolina and Florida. 

Todd Jensen, who comes to Pulaski several times each year from the Albany area described the season as "dynamite" so far. 

Falato estimates more people have come to Pulaski fishing this year than in the last five. 

Now the attention will move toward catching steelhead fish. Their season extends through May. 


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