Police say woman's murder outside a Rochester-area Lowe's was random

More details are emerging in the case of a mother and wife shot to death

ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC-TV) - Police say 33-year-old Megan Dix didn't know the woman now accused of killing her, Holly Colino.

Colino is now behind bars charged with her murder.

"There is no previous connection at all with the victim and the suspect,” Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn said during a press conference Tuesday, where Brockport police and Monroe County Deputies announced the arrest of Colino.

Dix was found dead in her car Friday, near a Brockport Lowes parking lot where she worked.

Brockport Police Chief Daniel Varrenti emphasized Colino has given no motive for shooting Dix.

"As far as the suspect, she gave no reason for why that situation occurred. She met the individual and within seconds of meeting her, ended up discharging the weapon to her head,” Chief Varrenti said.

Police did discuss how Colino became their prime suspect.

Colino was staying at a Holiday Inn in Henrietta, next door to Sticky Lips restaurant. At some point, an employee walked out the back door to her car and Colino confronted her with a gun.

That's when police were called and Colino was eventually arrested for that crime. When she was taken into custody, Dix came up.

"She was lucid with us and spoke and admitted to the crime,” Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O’Flynn said.

Colino isn't a stranger to Rochester. Police say she grew up in the area and at some point had moved to Arizona. Police say she came back to the area recently for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, News 8 has learned a Facebook account under the name of Holly Colino is also being investigated by police. It contains rambling writings and videos

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