Pres. Trump on using one 'Made in Central New York' product in the White House: 'Done!'

WASHINGTON (WSYR-TV) - President Donald Trump is apparently committing to using flatware made in Oneida County in the White House.

Video shows his exchange with Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, who flat-out asks President Trump about using Liberty Tabletop, reminding him of their visit to the White House.

President Trump: "What state are you in from?"

Rep. Tenney: "The only flatware manufactured in the nation."

President Trump: "Will you do me a favor? Get it."

Rep. Tenney: "It's in my district. And you heard them at The Made in America event."

President Trump: "Get it. I'll buy it. I'll buy it if you get it."

Rep. Tenney: "We want it in the White House. They just want to say it's in the White House."

President Trump: "Done!" 

The company was invited to take part in President Trump's "Made in America" week at the White House, which led to a conservation between them and the President about how it's the only stainless steel flatware made in the United States.

Before that, NewsChannel 9 was at the Sherrill Manufacturing factory on Inauguration Day when the CEOs, Greg Owens and Matt Roberts, sent samples of Liberty Tabletop to the White House.

No details have been finalized, but Congresswoman Tenney says she has a contact in the White House to start the process and has also gotten a commitment from Vice President Mike Pence.

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