Rapid Response monitoring services to add 125 jobs

SYRACUSE. N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Rapid Response Monitoring Services, a Syracuse company that has been around for 25 years, is expanding, adding over 100 jobs to its fast-growing business.

The Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Spencer Moore, says the Syracuse weather year-round— not just when it’s warm out— is a top feature that clients like.

“Here we don't get floods, we don't get hurricanes, we don't get tornados we don't have earthquakes, so you have all these natural disasters we can avoid,” Moore said.

Last year, NewsChannel 9 featured Rapid Response on Made In Central New York.

At that time, they were going through a growth spurt, adding 150 jobs to its dispatch center where they handle everything from fire, security, and medical calls from all over the country, Canada and the Caribbean.

With another 125 openings now, Moore says Syracuse is a great spot to be for filling jobs.

"It's a crossroads of the state which is helpful.  We have a lot of local universities that we pull from, we do require a minimum two years college experience or equivalent military experience to work here at rapid response.” Moore said.

Moore says while it's people are the company's best asset, Rapid Response also provides the best technology in a fast evolving sector. 

“Or plan over the next few years is to continue to add more and more clients and if we're successful with that that'll mean more and more positions for us here at rapid response,” Moore said.

An expansion at the company's Syracuse headquarters, which houses 499 jobs, will double its physical size and be ready this summer.  A job fair for the new positions will be coming in a few months.

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