Saab Defense and Security sees CNY job growth, big projects

Company moving North American Headquarters to East Syracuse

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The process is underway to make East Syracuse the North American Headquarters for Saab Defense and Security.

The company is promising nearly 260 jobs in the area and committing to the retention of the 450 jobs it already has here.

Saab will also make a $55 million investment, which will include technology transfer, building renovations, the installation of machinery and equipment.

In exchange, New York State will provide Saab with $30 million of performance-based incentives in the form of $20 million in tax credits and a $10-million Upstate Revitalization grant.

Saab Defense and Security President and CEO Erik Smith says, "We had a number of discussions with other locations and at the end of the day, the business environment here, the relationship with ESD ( Empire State Development Corporation) and CenterState has been fantastic.  Our core group of people is here now."

He says the East Syracuse facility has grown by over 100 people the last 18 months, and the company has every intention of continuing that growth. 

"We envision new product lines, we envision significant growth in employment and bringing Saab's footprint here in the U.S. to a critical mass that this area can be proud of."  Smith tells NewsChannel 9.

Saab’s facility in Ashburn, Va., home to the North American Headquarters now, will continue to operate with all of the employees there still working out of that office.

Saab Defense and Security’s East Syracuse facility primarily focuses on radar, though that will soon expand to include other product lines like electronic warfare, command and control.

In addition to East Syracuse and Ashburn, Virginia, Saab Defense and Security also has U.S. facilities in North Carolina, and Florida.

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