Sidney family brings 'Dome of Drones' game and fun for all ages to Spiedie Fest

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - While the balloons are getting ready to launch, something different is taking off at this year's Spiedie Fest.

A family from Sidney has brought a new game to the event where kids and adults can learn to fly drones.

It's called 'Dome of Drones' and players young and old can battle to win a prize or even their own drone.

People can either play by themselves or with 1 to 4 people to land a drone on top of a platform.

Matthew Granan says he wants to show everyone that drones are safe.

"It's something new for people. There's a misconception out there that drones are dangerous. I wanted to come out and show them they can be fun," he said.

Alone, it's not so hard, but it becomes challenging when other players are battling for a spot on the platform.

These drones are made special for battling and don't get damaged very easily, even when they crash.

And when people see the exhibit in action, they typically want to play.

'Dome of Drones' is geared toward kids, adults and pretty much anyone who can hold and configure a controller.

"I'd say 5 to 90. Basically, if you can flick your thumbs, you can play," said Granan.

Granan also offers drones for sale and people can test them out right at their tent before deciding to take it home.

Granan says he loves watching people become interested in the drones.

He remembers buying his first drone to keep him and his son off the couch and away from the TV.

"I purchased a drone so we could go outside and fly it and enjoy the outdoors, instead of staying inside and being on gaming consoles," he said.

Granan's drones all include cameras to capture shots from up in the air.

While some take photos recreationally, Granan says some people by his drones for their work.

"if you live on a farm, you can take it out and actually survey your land to see what's out there and where your cattle are without having to go out onto your property," he said.

Granan has taken his game of drones to 5 other events this year and says people love to play.

They don't just walk away with a new experience, but a newfound appreciation for a new piece of aviation.

If you miss them at Spiedie Fest, Dome of Drones will make its next appearance at Bainbridge Day next month.

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