Simple tricks to clear your car on a snowy day

BREWERTON (WSYR-TV) - Some household items may become part of your snow removal routine.

There are a few quick tricks you can do before the snow starts to fall.

If you leave your car outside overnight or during the day for work – tie a plastic shopping bag to your side mirrors to keep snow or ice from building up.

Soaking a cloth in rubbing alcohol and wiping your car’s windshield wiper blades will keep them working on the coldest Central New York days.

However, there are some items you need to get at the store.

The ACE Village Hardware in Fayetteville sells dozens of shovels the day before snow is expected to fall.

Also, the CNY staple – the snow brush – is always a “must have,” according to Dylan Collins at ACE.

There are also some “tools for your shoes.” Collins says Yaktrax are becoming very popular.

“It’s like studs and it makes it really easy to walk on ice and makes it so you can’t slip. We have all different sizes and a lot of people like this because early in the morning you don’t want to go out and salt your driveway,” Collins said. “You can just slide these on walk out to your car and you won’t be slipping all over.”

There are different types of salt brands and mixtures available in stores.

ACE’s Joe Willett says there is a clear winner for which one works best.

“Magnesium chloride – which is the best, it’s down to negative 20 and that’s definitely safe for pets and concrete and decks like that,” Willett said.

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