STA President: Staff in Syracuse schools need more active shooter training

The head of the teachers' union wants training tailored to each building

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - The tragic news of a school shooting in Florida came just days after a group of teachers in the Syracuse City School District completed training for an active shooter emergency.

On Wednesday night, as the Florida death toll rose, the president of the Syracuse Teachers Association (STA) told members of the Syracuse school board that more training is needed to make sure everyone, in every building, is prepared.

"It was kind of chilling to think that we had just sat through this training and that it isn't just universally available, but also horrifying to think that it needs to be," says STA President Megan Root. 

Specifically, she encouraged the Board of Education to support active shooter training tailored to each building in the district. But, not just for full-time faculty.

She wants secretaries, cafeteria staff, substitute teachers and others trained as well.

"We have emergency drills, we have lockdown drills, things like that. But, we don't have a really good....we don't have a protocol for a shooting," she says.

Schools Superintendent Jaime Alicea said teachers at Nottingham High School have had some training designed for that building. But, he's open to expanding opportunities.

"That's one of the things within our plan that we want to do, to make sure that all of our buildings go through a simulation of possibilities that can happen, not only within the school, but also within the community," Alicea says.

Asked about a possible timeline, Alicea said he would meet with his Director of Security on Thursday to start talking about developing a plan.

Click here to learn more about the training STA members received over the weekend, through Armoured One, a security company based in Central New York. Workers travel across the nation to train teachers for active shooter emergencies.

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