STAR rebate checks are coming, the question is 'when?'

Supposed to be sent out by the end of September

Town of Clay, NY (WSYR-TV) - The Town of Clay was inundated with calls last year after many of their more than 10,000 homeowners depending on STAR rebate checks received their money late.

"It's a daily thing. We daily get at least a couple of calls, 'I haven't gotten my check, I registered online,'" said Rob Bick, Town of Clay Assessor.
After almost 20 years of Rob Bick's office being involved in the STAR program, last year was the first year homeowners had to go entirely through the State Department of Taxation and Finance
"People are still under the belief that somehow we have control when they get their check if they get their check, and how much they're going to get," said Bick.
When some of the checks were well over six months later, that's when the calls really started to flood in. 
"The state will send you a check, they're supposed to send those by the end of September every year so people can use them, in theory, to pay their school tax bill every year, but last year they had tremendous issues getting those out. Some people weren't getting their checks until March, April, May, even later!" said Bick.
This year, he hopes the problem will be fixed, but with just two weeks to go until the September 30th deadline, and roughly 38,000 of the 120,000 given out, things aren't looking good.
"The people that work there were dropped this bomb that said okay, we're going to totally change this problem, we've got to find a way to logistically make this happen and they've given it their best shot! But property tax in New York State is very cumbersome," said Bick.
There's a new online tool to help you know when your rebate check will arrive, to use it head to the Department of Taxation and Finance's website.


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