State DOT removing "I Love NY" signs

WROC-TV - The New York State Department of Transportation says in a statement it will remove highway signs, deemed illegal by the federal government, as they launch a new tourism campaign.

Thursday, federal officials said New York faced millions in fines over the "I Love New York" signs.

In the statement Friday night, state leaders said they are working on a new campaign for the summer. The new campaign will be called "NY has it all!"

Because of the new campaign, state transportation officials say new signs will be going up. While designing these signs, the DOT says it will work with the federal government.

The statement concludes, "It will be a new campaign launched for the summer tourism cycle and as such must be concluded before the September FHWA deadline anyway."

Federal leaders said Thursday New York would lose out on $14 million in federal funds over the signs dispute. But, if New York and federal officials reached an agreement by September, the money could be restored, News 8 was told.

New York spent millions putting up the "I Love New York" signs that federal official claimed were illegal. Among other issues, the Federal Highway Administration said the large signs may make it hard for drivers to see hazards on the road side.

DOT statement

“The overwhelmingly successful ‘I Love NY’ campaign has supported and enhanced New York’s $105 billion tourism industry for five years. Since the Governor initiated this branding effort, the number of tourists to New York State has increased by 18 percent and the direct economic impact of tourism on the State has skyrocketed by more than 20 percent. From Greater Niagara to Long Island, ‘I Love NY’ signs have helped get motorists off the roads and into mom-and-pop restaurants, shops, and historic destinations. This increased traffic has in turn boosted local economies that aren’t typical tourist attractions.
As the current campaign and signs are entering their fifth year, this message has run its useful course and we already plan to launch a new ‘I Love NY’ campaign this summer to support our tourism industry. The new campaign will be “‘NY has it all!’” The campaign will have, as usual, comprehensive television and print advertising, as well as new road signage. Existing materials will be reused but, as the signs will be redesigned for the new campaign, we will consult with FHWA during this process. It will be a new campaign launched for the summer tourism cycle and as such must be concluded before the September FHWA deadline anyway." 


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