SU launches masters program for managing Cloud computing

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - These days, there’s a high chance that you’re uploading pictures to the Cloud or streaming movies and TV shows to watch.

The Cloud is just a large room of servers--- something that companies utilize— but those working with the servers need to know how to handle the information.

The iSchool at Syracuse University is creating one of the first masters programs in the nation to manage Cloud servers.

SU is looking to become among the first schools to turn out masters students who can help a company like Netflix with storing, processing and networking of their data so we get the best viewing experience. 

"So they have to make sure that whatever content people want to view is in the right places at the right time, analyze trends, make predictions of what people need to buy,” said associate professor at the SU iSchool, Carlos Caicedo.

Netflix is just one of an endless list of companies worldwide Caicedo says can benefit from understanding storage and handling of data. 

He says it will help companies decide if its more cost effective to buy all the equipment to host and manage it themselves or to hire an off site cloud provider.  It’s the digital world we all live in whether you know it or not.

The iSchool is collaborating with some of its partners, which just happen to be some of the leading companies in this field, to deliver students a hands-on experience.

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