SU senior watches as Hurricane Irma passes through her Ft. Myers home

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) - Syracuse University senior Jessica Torricelli is nearly 1,400 miles from her family's home in Ft. Myers as Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida. 

"The uncertainty is absolutely the worse," Torricelli said. "Hurricanes have so many moving factors, you never know what's going to happen."

Torricelli has had limited contact with her parents since the storm began early Sunday morning. 

"People are kind of just in the mentality of it's going to be fine, because it's always fine," Torricelli said. 

Although, she acknowledged Irma is different. It's the first time her family has had to evacuate from their home. While shelters in Ft. Myers are full, they've found safety in her father's brick office building. 

"It's not scary necessarily," Torricelli said. "It's just kind of like "Wow, this is going to be an intense storm." 

Torricelli added she hopes to return home sometime in the next few weeks. 



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