SUNY Oswego offers new training for aspiring teachers

College forms new partnership with Oswego City School District

OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - It's more than just the regular job training behind a new partnership between SUNY Oswego and the Oswego City School District.

The Leighton Learning Community kicked off this semester in the Port City.

Linda Stummer is a Visiting SUNY Oswego Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and helps with one part of the new initiative.

"The premise behind the Leighton Learning Community Classroom is let's provide our pre-service teachers with richer and more experience early on.”  Stummer tells NewsChannel 9.

So the class of about a dozen mostly Juniors from SUNY Oswego start out in their college class in a classroom at Leighton Elementary.

As soon as it’s done in the morning the students walk a few steps or down the hall to one of the classrooms full of elementary school kids.

"We're not just observing or standing in the back and watching we're getting right involved, we're working with the students one-on-one, all different types of teachers."  Says Rachel Piazza a SUNY Oswego Junior Childhood Education Major.

Being at Leighton allows SUNY Oswego students to immediately take the concepts and ideas they've learned and apply them straight to the elementary classrooms.

Brianna Mastrobattista, a SUNY Oswego Junior Childhood Education Major, tells NewsChannel 9,"You get to spend more hours with the students; it's like an everyday thing with the students so you get to learn a lot more about them by spending everyday with them."

The School District says it often hires teachers from SUNY Oswego making this a valuable program for them, but that’s not the only reason they find this such a rewarding partnership.

"The most important thing we get out of it really is the opportunity to give back to not only the profession they're in but in many cases the institution that prepared them for the profession."  Says Dean Goewey, Superintendent of the Oswego City School District.

Piazza says, "It's just amazing because I get to do so much within the school, I feel like I'm a part of this school."

They all say this program can ultimately lead to better teachers when these SUNY Oswego students actually get their own classrooms.

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