Syracuse baseball fans to see minimal Mets influence in 2018

Chiefs to hold NBT Bank Stadium Open House and Fan Forum on Saturday

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - The 2018 season is just over a month away and the Syracuse Chiefs are already fired up for the season and hoping to get fans on board as well.

The team will hold its annual Open House and Fan Forum Saturday.

This season marks a new era for the organization, with local ownership gone after selling the team late last year to the New York Mets.

But General Manager Jason Smorol says the Mets are not ready to move right in and make wholesale changes.

"We still have the Washington Nationals players on the field for this season. This will be the last year of the Player Development Contract with the Nationals, it ends this year and then presumably we'll have the Mets players on the field next year."  Smorol tells NewsChannel 9.

He adds that the team will keep the familiar Chiefs name and uniforms for 2018, unable to confirm a much rumored name change to the Mets for 2019.

"The Mets are kinda unique in the fact that they own a few of their minor league affiliates, so they're experienced not only in Major League baseball but Minor League baseball as well," Smorol says. 

So the team continues to work hard on what they've been doing the last few years, already making progress over last season by selling more group, flex and more season tickets.

Single game tickets go on sale for the first time Saturday.

Smorol says,  "We always have a few tricks up our sleeves and some new twists to make things better.  We always try to take what we do that's good and make it better, find out something that's no good and get rid of it."

The Open House is from 9 a.m. to Noon at NBT Bank Stadium on Saturday.  The Fan Forum Q and A starts at 10 a.m. in the Hank Sauer room.

The team starts its season on the road before returning April 12 for the home opener.

Click here for more information on the Open House and Fan Forum.

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