Syracuse Department of Public Works is monitoring flood conditions in the city

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) - The City of Syracuse DPW has worked through the weekend to make sure leaves and other debris are cleared from storm drains in the city.

Department Commissioner Pete O'Connor said an on-call employee has been monitoring complaints and addressing them as needed.

"Over the weekend we've had a person on call for Friday, all day Saturday, and obviously today. They've been monitoring or coming in to monitor areas where grates can get backed up by floating debris," said O'Connor. 

O'Connor says lower areas in Eastwood, parts of Sedgwick, could see more flooding than other neighborhoods. Homes towards the end of South Salina Street in the Valley neighborhood and around Edna Road could also see pooling water.

O'Connor added, "If you notice there's a backup like near your house or near your neighborhood with leaves by the catch basins if you could push the leaves away that would be a great help for everybody not just the city of Syracuse DPW, for all the citizens in the City."

Neighbors can know their real-time risk for sewer overflows and other high water using an online tool from Onondaga County.

The Combined Sewer Overflow Notification system marks areas with green, yellow and red pins depending on their risk for flooding.

Homeowners can report a sewer backup or other flooding in the City of Syracuse by calling (315) 448-2489 Ext. 1.

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