Syracuse man sells his handmade pool cues around the world

Dan Dishaw Cues sell for thousands of dollars to customers

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - A Syracuse craftsman has put some very high end work into his pool cues that he sells to clients around the world.

Dan Dishaw uses his shop to puts fine touches on every piece to make them essentially works of art.

He uses the precision of computer aided design machines to make the cuts in each cue to meet his customers’ individual demands.

It’s a career that developed from one of his other loves, making guitars.  When his work with Gerber Music started slowing down in the early ‘80’s he was looking for the next opportunity.

“Someone suggested I make a cue.  I said sure.” Dishaw tells NewsChannel

He took the craftsmanship he put into guitars and transferred it to patiently produce high end pool cues.

Dishaw says, "It depends on the design, if it's a plain cue with no points on it, straight piece of maple probably about a month."

While the majority of his clients are in the United States Dishaw ships plenty to places like China, Indonesia, Germany and Switzerland just to name a few and many pay thousands of dollars for his cues.

"Its interesting, the majority of the people who buy a cue will stand next to it and put the cue on their side and they want to see what they look like next to it, but the player wants to know how it plays, wants to know how it hits, how it hands, the balance point, the sound."  He says.

Painstakingly he works the wood not just into a pool cue to play billiards but has elevated it to a whole new level of craftsmanship.

Dishaw says, "I enjoy making stuff with my hands and working with wood.  I've been doing it for awhile."

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Dishaw’s pool cues and guitars.

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