Syracuse man writes book apologizing for killing a teen 20 years ago

Rashawn Sullivan shares his story to keep others from repeating his mistakes

Syracuse, NY (WSYR-TV) - After spending nearly half of his life in prison, a Syracuse man is apologizing for a deadly decision he made 20 years ago. Rashawn Sullivan has written a book, hoping other young men will learn from his story.
"Yes, I did 17 years in prison," said Rashawn Sullivan.
Nearly two decades of his life gone, for a mistake that he says took seconds.
"My friend said, 'Well if you don't want to do it, give me the gun.' And that's when I panicked. I thought that he was challenging my manhood. So I told my other friend to circle the block," said Sullivan.
Sullivan shares the story in his book, "iApologize."
"Even if just one person can read the book and learn from it and make a better decision," said Sullivan.
The day he fired his weapon, killing Jason Crawford, Rashawn was just seventeen years old. His life changed forever.
"It's not every day that you look at the man in the mirror and say 'I'm responsible for ending a young man's life and what are you going to do about it?'" he said.
After nearly two decades in prison, he was released in 2015, hoping sharing his story could end the cycle of violence.
Sullivan says he has worked to make peace with Jason Crawford's family, but it wasn't easy.
"To know that you did something like that and to have to look in somebody's family's face and tell them that. That you apologize for that...that's painful and I don't want anyone to experience that," said Sullivan.
If you're interested in reading more of Sullivan's story, you can find his book "iApologize," on his website,
Many people might ask, is it right that he could make money with a book about a crime that took someone's life? Sullivan says he just wants to make enough money to share his story, so he can help prevent others from repeating his mistake. He also insists that he plans to use part of the proceeds to set up college funds for Jason Crawford's nieces.

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