Syracuse Superintendent says it could take up to a day to notify parents about bed bugs

Some parents say that's too long

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - Jodi Collins found out about bed bugs in her daughter's school after a robocall from the school principal, but she says the call took too long.

"It frustrated me because they said they treated the school over the weekend, so this had happened last week. Why are we just hearing about it yesterday?" said Collins.

Superintendent Jaime Alicea says parents could wait at most a day to hear about bed bugs found in their child's school.

"When we find a bed bug in the building the first thing that we need to do is send it to be treated to the Salt City Pest Control Company but during that time we are already in the classroom cleaning the area, sanitizing the area, as soon as that is confirmed then the principal will do a robocall to the parents that we have found a bed bug in the building," said Superintendent Alicea.

The school district says the bugs are coming in from the outside, so they will be working with the City Code Enforcement Office to make sure anyone with bed bugs in their homes has support. 

Superintendent Alicea also said the district has dealt with bed bugs over the past couple of years, he specifically mentioned a few buildings back in 2015, but he says at that time they didn't get the same publicity.

Alicea also mentioned two new bed bugs found at Huntington and Webster Elementary Schools.

Bed bugs are also popping up in two other Central New York school districts. The Baldwinsville School District tells NewsChannel 9 a bug was found in Ray Middle School. They believe the bug was carried in and they have since disinfected the rooms. 

NewsChannel 9 was also told two bed bugs were found in the Canastota School District last week.  The district says they were found on two students from the same family and the problem was "addressed." 

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